Curriculum Vitae

Arun K.  Shanker

Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Santosh Nagar

Work: 914024530177 ext 240                                                          Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500059, India



Executive Profile

Over twenty years of experience in agricultural research, development and extension in National Agricultural Research System (NARS) of India under various institutes of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Specialization in physiological, biochemical and molecular aspects of various abiotic stress viz., water, temperature, light, salinity and heavy metals in crops/plants/trees. Currently engaged in Climate Change Research in relation to abiotic stress in Maize. Seventy days stint in Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Tech in the area of sorghum drought systems biology. Skilled in metabolic pathway and photosynthetic analysis specific to abiotic stress in crops viz., antioxidant metabolites, redox pathways, proline metabolism, chlorophyll florescence to develop hypothesis driven mechanistic elucidation of stress tolerance and adaptation. Proficient in assay development and physiological assessment of drought tolerance with a sound background in molecular biology. Skilled in bioinformatics with special reference to three dimensional protein structure homology modelling.  Wide exposure to statistical experimental designs and analysis in laboratory and field conditions. Excellent proficiency in English with proven ability in scientific documentation. Twenty  (out of 35) major publications in high impact international journals with cumulative impact factor of over 35 with overall citations of 1694, h index of 15, 35.43 citations per paper and 211 citations per year. Credited with in silico discovery of a DNA binding transcription factor product in chromosome 6 of Sorghum bicolor genome archived in “Nature” preprint server (Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 4: 2. 133-141), developed a homology model of a possible Cr reducing enzyme in plants (Metallomics, 2009, 1, 375–383), first ever reports in-Current Science, 2004, 86 (7) 901-902 & Trees: Structure and function 2008,22:697-709), Novel Technology (Agroforestry Systems 2005 64(1) 83-87), Process Elucidation (Plant Science, 2004, 166 (4): 1035-1043 cited 104 times) & (Plant and Soil, 2004  265: 141-151) Mechanistic Concept Development (Plant and Soil, 2005, 272 (1-2)77-86) and state of the art  highly cited (>500 citations) review (Environment International, 2005, 31(5) 739-753).  Extensive peer recognition in terms of work in  editorial capacity in the journal "Environmental and Experimental Botany" and various other national journals and reviewer and referee for 18 international journals in the areas of Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology and Multidisciplinary areas. Excellent knowledge in computers with respect to operating systems, software and web programming in addition to customized knowledge in bioinformatics. Outstanding academic record with the award of Gold Medal for the best student in Masters Programme and ICAR research fellowships awards. Specially developed skills include- Planning and implementation of research projects in Plant/ Crop/ Tree physiology, biochemistry. Conducting technical meetings, presenting advanced subject matter seminars, guiding advanced degree students for Dissertation or Thesis. Identification of research priorities and formulating work strategy as desired with available resources. Extension activities for dissemination of research findings and other relevant information. Analysis of data, concise report writing, preparing status review and reports, scientific documentation and popular report presentations, editing scientific writing, compiling and amalgamating subject matter advancements.  Assisting in allied subject areas as and when needed. Obtaining extra mural funding for research projects of international relevance. Ability to coordinate efforts of many to meet organizational goals.  Decision-making with the spirit of creativity, stability and dedication. Penchant to work in a multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary environment.





Academic Qualifications:



Major Field of Specialization


Year [From – To]


Ph.D Crop Physiology


Crop Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

1999 -2003


M.Sc (Ag) Crop Physiology

Crop Physiology, Biochemistry

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


3.87/4.00 Gold Medal

B.Sc (Ag.) Agriculture


Tamil Nadu Agricultural University




Work Experience:



Dates [From-To]

Principal Scientist (Plant Physiology

Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad, INDIA


Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology)


Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA), Hyderabad, INDIA

3rd  Sept 2006- Present

Senior Scientist (Plant Physiology)

National Research Centre for Agroforestry (NRCAF), Jhansi, INDIA

22nd December 1996-2nd Sept 2006

Scientist (Plant Physiology)


Central Potato Research Institute, CPRS Research Station Modipuram, INDIA

31st Aug 1994- 21st Dec 1996

Scientist (Plant Physiology)

Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla, INDIA

16th Aug 1994- 30th Aug 1995

Scientist On Subject Matter Training (Plant Physiology)

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasaragod, INDIA

Dec 1993- 15th Aug 1994

Scientist Trainee (Plant Physiology)

National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, Hyderabad, INDIA

21st July 1993- 14th Dec 1993

Highly cited papers as on 12.09.2013 Source: Google Scholar

Ø  Highly cited paper (800 times) and Number 1 most downloaded for three quarters in Science Direct top25 (for journal environment international), (featured as #1 top cited in the top 10 cited for this journal): Chromium toxicity in plants.  Environment International 31 (5), pp. 739-753

Ø  High cited paper (172 times) Differential antioxidative response of ascorbate glutathione pathway enzymes and metabolites to chromium speciation stress in green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek. cv CO 4) roots.  Plant Science 166 (4), pp. 1035-1043

Ø  High cited paper (150 times) Selenium - An antioxidative protectant in soybean during senescence. Plant and Soil 272 (1-2), pp. 77-86

Ø  High cited paper (134 times) Genetic associations, variability and diversity in seed characters, growth, reproductive phenology and yield in Jatropha curcas (L.) accessions. Trees-structure and function 22 (5), 697-709

Citation particulars

Citation Overview from Google Scholar©, Documents indexed: 45            , Cited By: 1693, H Index: 15, Average Citations per year: 211, Average Citations per article: 36

Main subject areas: Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology. Environmental Science and Multidisciplinary

Recent Books

1.  Crop Stress and its Management: Perspectives and Strategies 2011 Edited by: Venkateswarlu, B.; Shanker, A.K.; Shanker, C.; Maheswari, M. (Eds.). Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad and Directorate of Rice Research, Hyderabad: Springer Life Sciences > Agriculture 1st Edition ISBN: 978-94-007-2219-4  

2. Abiotic Stress in Plants - Mechanisms and Adaptations 2011 Edited by: Arun Shanker and B. Venkateswarlu. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad: Intech Open Life Sciences > Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN: 978-953-307-394-1 

3. Abiotic Stress Response in Plants - Physiological, Biochemical and Genetic Perspectives 2011   Edited by: Arun Shanker and B. Venkateswarlu. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture, Hyderabad: Intech Open Life Sciences > Agricultural and Biological Sciences ISBN: 978-953-307-672-0 

Recent Best papers

  1. Pratibha, G., Srinivas, I., Rao, K. V., Raju, B. M. K., Thyagaraj, C. R., Korwar, G. R., B.Venkateswarlu, Arun K.Shanker, Deepal Chowdary and  Srinivasarao, C. (2015). Impact of conservation agriculture practices on energy use efficiency and global warming potential in rainfed pigeonpea–castor systems. European Journal of Agronomy  66, 30-40.



  1. Shanker, A. K., Maheswari, M., Yadav, S. K., Desai, S., Bhanu, D., Attal, N. B., & Venkateswarlu, B. (2014). Drought stress responses in crops. Functional & integrative genomics, 14 (1), 11-22.
  2. Yadav Sushil Kumar, Sweety Katikala, Varalaxmi Yellisetty, Annapurna Kannepalle, Jyothi Lakshmi Narayana, Vanaja Maddi, Maheswari Mandapaka, Arun Kumar Shanker, Venkateswarlu Bandi, and Kirti Pulugurtha Bharadwaja. (2012) Optimization of Agrobacterium mediated genetic transformation of cotyledonary node explants of Vigna radiata. SpringerPlus 1 (1): 59.
  3. Arun K. Shanker, A Maddaala, MA Kumar, SK Yadav, M Maheswari, B Venkateswarlu (2012)  In silico targeted genome mining and comparative modelling reveals a putative protein similar to an Arabidopsis drought tolerance DNA binding transcription factor in Chromosome 6 of Sorghum bicolor genome Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life Sciences 4 (2), 133-141
  4. G R Rao, Arun K Shanker, I Srinivas, G R Korwar, Bandi Venkateswarlu (2011) Diversity and variability in seed characters and growth of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre accessions   Trees: Structure and Function 25 725-734

      6.          M Babita, M Maheswari, L M Rao, Arun K Shanker, D Gangadhar Rao  (2010)  Osmotic adjustment, drought tolerance and yield in castor (Ricinus communis  L.) hybrids   Environmental and Experimental Botany 69: 243-249

      7.          Arun K Shanker, M Maheswari, S K Yadav, B Venkateswarlu  (2009)  In silico analysis for the presence of HARDY an Arabidopsis drought tolerance DNA binding transcription factor product in chromosome 6 of Sorghum bicolor genome   Nature Precedings  PREPRINT

      8.          A K Shanker, Maduraimuthu Djanaguiraman, Bandi Venkateswarlu  (2009)  Chromium interactions in plants: current status and future strategies   Metallomics    2009, 1, 375–383 (featuring in top ten list for the journal)

      9.           G R Rao, G R Korwar, A K Shanker, Y S Ramakrishna (2008) Genetic associations, variability and diversity in seed characters, growth, reproductive phenology and yield in Jatropha curcas (L.) accessions   Trees-Structure and Function 22:  30.  697-709   Oct 

   10.          A K Shanker (2006) Countering UV-B stress in plants: Does selenium have a role?   Plant and Soil 282: 22. 21-26 Apr 

   11.          M Djanaguiraman, J A Sheeba, A K Shanker, D D Devi, U Bangarusamy  (2006)  Rice can acclimate to lethal level of salinity by pretreatment with sublethal level of salinity through osmotic adjustment   Plant and Soil  284:  50.  363-373   Jun  

   12.          A K Shanker, C Shanker (2005) Impact factor: Is it dragging science off course?   Current Science 89: 3. 1782-1783 Dec 10 

   13.          A K Shanker, V Ravichandran, G Pathmanabhan (2005) Phytoaccumulation of Chromium by Some Multipurpose-Tree Seedlings   Agroforestry Systems 64: 13. 83-87 Jan 

   14.          M Djanaguiraman, D D Devi, A K Shanker, J A Sheeba, U Bangarusamy (2005)  Seleninm - an antioxidative protectant in soybean during senescence   Plant and Soil 272: 59. 77-86 May 

   15.          A K Shanker, C Cervantes, H Loza-Tavera, S Avudainayagam (2005) Chromium toxicity in plants   Environment International 31: 139. 739-753 Jul  ( featuring as #1 top cited in the top 10 cited for this journal)

   16.          A K Shanker, G Pathmanabhan (2004) Speciation dependant antioxidative response in roots and leaves of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench cv CO 27) under Cr(III) and Cr(VI) stress   Plant and Soil 265: 1-2. 141-151 

   17.          A K Shanker, M Djanaguiraman, R Sudhagar, K Jayaram, G Pathmanabhan (2004)  Expression of metallothionein 3-like protein mRNA in sorghum cultivars under chromium (VI) stress   Current Science 86: 7. 901-902 

   18.          A K Shanker, M Djanaguiraman, R Sudhagar, C N Chandrashekar, G Pathmanabhan (2004)  Differential antioxidative response of ascorbate glutathione pathway enzymes and metabolites to chromium speciation stress in green gram (Vigna radiata (L.) R.Wilczek. cv CO 4) roots   Plant Science 166: 42. 1035-1043 Apr 






Doctorate, Crop Physiology                                                                                                                                 2003

 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University                                                                               Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

CGPA: 9.71/10.00

M.Sc (Ag), Crop Physiology                                                                                                                                1990

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University                                                                                Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

CGPA: 3.87/4.00 Gold Medal

B.Sc (Ag), Agriculture                                                                                                                                           1987

Tamil Nadu Agricultural University                                                                                Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

CGPA: 3.10/4.00


Awards, honours, peer recognition and membership in professional societies

Fellow award from the Society of Applied Biotechnology in recognition of outstanding contribution in the area of bioinformatics

University Gold Medal for the best Student in Crop Physiology in Masters Programme -1990

Indian Agricultural Research Institute Senior Research Fellowship-1991

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Junior Fellowship-1988

Member of the Reader Advisory Panel for Nature ISSN: 0028-0836

Membership in Professional Societies

·        Life member of the Society of Applied Biotechnology

·        Life member and Founder member, Indian Society of Agroforestry

·        Life member, Indian Society for Plant Physiology

·        Life member, International Society of Environmental Botanists

·        Member of the Editorial Board of "Indian Journal of Agroforestry"

·        Member of the "The Science Advisory Board" Arlington, United States

·        Member of the ISOC “Internet Society International Secretariat”, Reston, United States

·        Member, “International Consortium for Agricultural Systems Applications”, University of Georgia, USA

·        Life member in Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan (a voluntary, apolitical national movement with an international outlook, devoted to life, literature and culture)

Editor in the following international journals


Reviewer and referee and member Editorial Board Environmental and Experimental Botany, Elsevier Science ISSN 0098-8472

Reviewer and referee for the following high impact journals

Plant and Soil, Springer ISSN: 0032-079X, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, Elsevier Science ISSN: 1011-1344, Photosynthetica, Springer ISSN: 0300-3604, Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, Springer ISSN: 0137-881, Environment International, Elsevier Science ISSN: 0160-4120, Journal of Plant Physiology, Urban & Fischer ISSN 0176-1617, Arid Land Research And Management, ISSN: 1532-4982, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, ISSN: 0931-2250, European Journal of Soil Biology, Elsevier Science ISSN: 1164-5563, Environmental Research, Elsevier Science ISSN: 0013-9351, Plant Growth Regulation, Springer ISSN: 0721-7595, Chemosphere, Elsevier Science ISSN0045-6535, Protoplasma, Springer ISSN 0033-183X, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Elsevier Science ISSN 0304-3894, Pedosphere, ISSN 1002-0160, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Elsevier Science ISSN 0147-6513, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Springer ISSN: 0167-6369, Biomass & Bioenergy, Elsevier Science ISSN: 0961-9534, Experimental Agriculture, Cambridge Journals Cambridge University Press ISSN: 0014-4797, Ecological Engineering, Elsevier Science ISSN: 0925-8574, International Journal of Phytoremediation Taylor & Francis ISSN  1522-6514, Journal of Basic Microbiology John Wiley & Sons ISSN: 1521-4028, Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science Wiley-VCH Verlag ISSN: 1436-8730, Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids Taylor & Francis ISSN  1525-7770, Chemistry and Ecology Taylor & Francis ISSN, 0275-7540, Journal of Forestry Research Springer ISSN: 1007-662X







Sponsored by



International Training

On “High-throughput genomic expression analysis and selective candidate gene validation through Real Time Q-PCR in sorghum for drought tolerance”

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) Washington Street, MC 0477 Blacksburg, Virginia United States 24061-0477

National Agricultural Innovation Project

 70 days 7th June 2010 to 20th August 2010


Perspectives and Current Trends in Bioinformatics

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Uppal Road, Hyderabad, India. (in association with Genome Foundation)

Department of Science and technology sponsored Bioinformatics Training Programme


9th Feb to 15th Feb 2009


Biofuels – Crop cultivation techniques and Processing

Centre for Excellence in Biofuels, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore.


11th to 13th March 2008


Foundation Course on Agricultural Research Management

National Academy for Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad


6 Months 1993-94

Agricultural Research Management

Subject Matter Training

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod


8 Months 1994-5

Plant Physiology and plant biochemistry

Methods in plant biochemistry and biotechnology

Centre for advanced studies in biochemistry, Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi


15 days in 1998

Plant biochemistry and biotechnology

Digital Literacy for Agricultural Professionals ONLINE,.

Asia Pacific Regional Technology Centre (APRTC).Bangkok, Thailand

Scholarship from APRTC

3 Months 2001

Computer application in agriculture

Information Technology in Agriculture

National Academy for Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad


21 days in March 2004

Advanced Computer application in agriculture

Introduction to bioinformatics ONLINE Participated

S* University Consortium


6 months in 2003


WTO and its implications in Indian Agriculture,

National Academy for Agricultural Research Management (NAARM), Hyderabad


21 days 2005

WTO, TRIPS and PVP etc.,

Library networking and automation



7 Days

Library networking and library digitization and automation


Proficiency in Computers

Ø  Operating systems: DOS, Windows 3.11, 9x, XP, 2000, and Vista, Linux, Ubuntu ,

Ø  Programming and languages: HTML, XML, JAVA script and advanced web designing

Ø  Softwares: Complete (all components including spread sheet and messaging in MS Office (XP, 2003,2007), Adobe acrobat, Adobe Photoshop and several custom sound and video editing softwares,

Ø  Statistical softwares: SPSS, SYSTAT, SIGMA PLOT

Ø  Bioinformatics softwares : Nucleic acid sequence alignment softwares, Plasmid and gene mapping softwares, and other related softwares

Ø  proficiency in database ( MS access)


1.      Dr. Andy  Pereira,  Professor, 115 Plant Science Building, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 Phone:479-575-8435, Fax: 479-575-7465  United States of America


2.      Dr. B. Venkateshwarulu, PhD, Director, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (CRIDA) Santoshnagar, Hyderabad - 500 059, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Phone: 91 -40 24530177 FAX: 91 -40 24531802 Email: ,

3.       Dr. Carlos Cervantes, PhD, Full Professor, Laboratorio De Microbiologia Instituto De Investigaciones Quimico-Biologicas Universidad Michoacana 58030 Morelia, Mich., MEXICO. Phone: 52+443-322-3500X4238, FAX: 52+443-326-5788/90 Email:

The information given above is to the best of my knowledge true and accurate

Arun K. Shanker

Dated: 06.03.2015